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In Memory Of


Kris Phelps  July 23,1970- 03/29/2020. Kris was a force of nature and a true friend in every sense of the word. Of course it was Sport who brought us together. For over 11 years we worked together. She was one of my first students who was a professional rider and her endorsement and encouragement elevated my career and reputation as a trainer and instructor. She called me her trainer, and I am forever humbled and grateful for her confidence in me, the depth of our friendship and support for each other. There is no a day that goes by that I don’t miss her and long to speak with her and see her again. I hope and pray that she is proud of how we are promoting and supporting the Arabian breed and honoring her legacy in the arena.   

LH Sporting Life 1997-2021,  Bay ¾ Arabian Gelding.  For 19 years Sport blessed my life. He filled a jagged hole created by a loss, and he filled it to overflowing. Snub horse, trail horse, therapeutic horse, jumper, PSG schoolmaster, heart horse. A true gentleman and guardian, I could trust him with my greatest treasure, my daughter and my clients and business. Sport doesn’t have a wall full of ribbons or trophies, but he is one of the most importanit horses in the horse world, a horse who made people fall in love with riding and with Arabians.  I begged him to stay; none of us were ready for him to go. But another 20 years still wouldn’t have been long enough. A classic example of the Arabian breed. He is still missed


Monte Mendenhall February 12, 1949 –August 14, 1992. I met Monte shortly after my family moved to Indiana when I was 13. He was a childhood friend of my aunt and she introduced us knowing my love of Arabian horses and desire to learn. Monte had officially left training and teaching, but still took the time to instruct me on my ½ Arabian mare and encourage my goals as a young rider. Monte is the reason I began instructing and training so early in my life as he referred interested persons to this young girl with a passion for horses, dressage and Arabians. Monte is a life tragically lost too young. I am forever grateful for his influence in my life.

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