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I’ve known Christine for 9 years.  She was my trainer’s trainer and would also host quarterly clinics for the rest of us to improve our dressage skills.  When our trainer died of cancer in 2020, my sister and I moved our horses to Chistine’s shortly thereafter, despite her facility being more than 90 miles from my home.  I did this because Christine knows a lot about horses and riders.  She’s skilled in many disciplines, especially classic and western dressage.  More importantly, she’s skilled at, and has an incredible knack for, knowing what both horses and riders are capable of, and what they need to succeed, and progress (if that’ their goal).  Each horse, and each rider, are unique in Christine’s book – you can see it in the way she trains, in the way she interacts.  She adapts to meet the needs of clients and animals.  In the first year I was with Christine she took two of my horses to two National Championship titles in both FEI and Western Dressage and took me to a Reserve National Championship as an Amateur western dressage rider. 


Christine’s facilities and staff are also amazing.  When my old girl got laminitis, instead of this being the end of her riding days – or worse, Chrstine got her back to health quickly.  Likewise, for the my sister’s older horse.  She and the staff know just what to do to keep horses healthy and happy.  She’s good with the young and inexperienced ones as well.   Because of her coaching (horse and rider), I’m very comfortable riding a new horse that has less than a year under saddle – and I’m a 66yr old amateur.  We’re both progressing nicely, though I think the horse knows far more than me now, due to Christine’s training! 


I would recommend Christine and her facilities to anyone passionate about their horse and their riding – regardless of your or their age or discipline interest.

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